This dream project allowed LOCZI to re-imagine Mid-century modern classics in a new light.  Our clients' collection of Eames & Noguchi collectables offered us a wonderful starting point.  We worked with local artisans creating timeless spaces using walnut, ceramic and steel.  Remodeled from the ground up, this stunning loft will remain a favorite of ours.

Community and flexibility were the main drivers for Dana and Lloyd during their extensive architectural endeavor.   Their varied and extensive art collection offered an anchor to the interior shapes, materials and elements.  Their biggest request of all, COLOR! -Lots of color.  

This remodeled Victorian pied-a-terre sits perched like a jewel atop the hill in Pacific Heights.  We saw the opportunity to return the architecture to its former beauty by showcasing the vaulted-ceilings.  The changing sky refracts light through the chandeliers, and showers the walls with dynamic prisms.  Black and white, angled and curved, classical and modern all coexist in this little gem. 

A nod to Alexander McQueen, the inspiration for Matt and George’s home came from a collection by the great. Taking a queue from McQueen’s razor clam dress, we created a cascading stone fireplace wall to cozy up in front of. We played with textures and patterns, coupling wood with steel, lacquer with leather and hide with wool, all against a backdrop of soothing plaster. 

Vineet is a brilliant, modern man.  He's also a risk-taker who wanted his home to reflect his personality and ethnicity.  We used color to achieve both!  When looking for a San Francisco Interior Designer he wished for three specific things: surprise, to stay on budget and to be daring.  The geometric patterning is a predominant theme echoed throughout. 

Cindy and Paul have a young and vibrant family.  They came to us wanting their home to compliment their dynamic energy as well as the astounding panoramic views of Glen Canyon.  We used an array of classic, locally sourced textiles and natural elements to transform their house into an eccentrically beautiful home.