Holiday party & gift Bazaar

Holiday party & gift Bazaar

Take a look at our recent holiday collective + bazaar showcasing an array of designers, artists and members of the designedCOLLECTIVE  — check out the evening’s affairs here.

Meet the Artists // Architexture

Meet the Artists // Architexture

To recap our sixth annual designedCOLLECTIVE event, Architexture: Elements In Transformation, we want to take a moment to introduce you to the artists showcased at the studio! Equally talented as they are charming, we invite you to take a look at the authentic process that goes behind their work.

LOCZIdesign featured on Dwell!

LOCZIdesign featured on Dwell!

This project is about as San Francisco as it gets, so naturally we were thrilled to have it featured on Dwell! The residence is located on the iconic Haight Street in the old Theater Loft building. The Theatre Lofts were adapted into lofts by architect George Hauser back in 2001. Before going condo, the building was a movie palace built in 1926, and the exterior still looks more commercial than residential.

Your Table of Abundance

Your Table of Abundance

Despite what the mainstream media may be telling us, abundance and lights is all around us. With the holiday in full swing, no matter what you're celebrating, the dining area will be the nucleus of your home. We are so thankful for our clients and the community around us — allow is to show you some of our favorite LOCZIdesign remodeled dining areas.

Artist in Residence: Margo Nathanson Introduces Her New Line UtopiaDryGoods

Artist in Residence: Margo Nathanson Introduces Her New Line UtopiaDryGoods

LOCZIdesign's longtime designer, Margo Nathanson has recently debuted her full line of jewelry and accessories as UtopiaDryGoods. Her jewelry has adorned many of us at the studio for months, so we spent one afternoon taking a peek inside her intimate thoughts on art, creativity, and the world she surrounds herself in. We are proud to feature Margo in our Artist In Residence series.

REPOST: Fireclay Tile's Designer Spotlight with Paige Loczi!

REPOST: Fireclay Tile's Designer Spotlight with Paige Loczi!

Inspired by her father who was a famous car designer for over 46 years, Paige grew up surrounded by the world of art and design. After pursuing everything from dance to teaching, Paige pursued a career in design, leading to the creation of her own full service firm, LOCZIdesign. LOCZIdesign lives by the motto that design is about creating an environment that supports the entire person and comes from being of service. "We believe everyone benefits from good design. Our Mission is to create spaces that balance and inspire," Paige says.

Eyes Wide Open at Sight Unseen OFFSITE!

New York Design Week was a whirlwind of design adventure, one highlight was the neon post-modern utopia of Sight Unseen OFFSITE! Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer of the website Sight Unseen also co-founded this show in conjunction with NYCxDesign and ICFF. It enchantingly combined the works of independent design studios alongside those from established, forward-thinking brands, creating a small but well curated venue for industry professionals and design enthusiasts.

6 Tips for Anti Spring Cleaning

Let's be real. Every year we dread the daunting task of spring cleaning. So this year, I turned to Paige Loczi for a few of her go-to tips on cleaning your home for spring in an untraditional, yet rejuvenating way.

Designer Insights Via Terry's Blinds with Paige Loczi!

Style is a function of being comfortable- comfortable in your skin, your clothes and your space. The trick is discovering another’s story and reflecting that in their surroundings. My personal style is an eclectic blend of mid-century with an infusion of pattern and color. My environments are often quixotic, playful and intentional, just like my outfits.

Trend Forecast: 4 of the Hottest Interior Design Trends of Spring 2014

Goodbye Winter blues and hello Springtime hues! Although we may be speaking a bit too soon for our friends surviving the winter weather on the East Coast, as designers, we're excited to spring forward. With much consideration, we put together a trend report to give you something to look forward to this Spring!

Radiant Orchid

First things first: “The 2014 color of the year Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “An invitation to innovation, Radiant Orchid encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society.

An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.” Here at LOCZIdesign, couldn't agree more. Last year, we showcased a full spectrum of this pantone throughout our client, Vineet's vibrant home. Sourching the Chabada chairs by Roche Bobois in three vivid and playful tones, we balanced out his kitchen and dining room with the neutral dining table by Wüd designs. With a nod to our remodel, we also picked the Chair Duo Wood by Patrick Norguet and the Melt Down lamps by Johan Lindsten to celebrate the magenta hues of this year's pantone!

Chabada chairs by Roche Bobois in three vivid and playful vibrant tones, we balanced it with the stunning and neutral dining table by Wüd. With a nod to our design, the 'CHAIR DUO WOOD' by Patrick Norguet and Melt down lamps by Johan Lindsten


If one looks closely, it is easy to view how the fashion, interior, and graphic design world blend in perfect harmony. In fact, design is the way in which we change the world for the better. Design within technology, city planning, and our personal dwellings are intertwined much like lattice. Traditionally it is a framework consisting of a criss-crossed pattern of strips of building material, typically wood or metal but also (fun fact!) found in crystal structures. Once combined, these structures are strengthened making it a good representation of our collective future as designers.

Not only is this cool to look at, but each lattice system found in crystal formation consists of a set of three axes (or center line) which naturally gives these crystals a perfect geometric pattern. Latticework has been used in gardens to help plants like tomatoes and ivy grow strong, and also used to divide spaces. We also found latticework on the runway of Tory Burch SS 2014 fashion show and the sophisticated 'Bentley arm chair' by Safavieh (seen below).

Old Hollywood Glam

As a fan of The Golden Girls, it almost seems perfect that the character Blanch had a room covered in the iconic martinique wallpaper. But the "Hollywood Regency" and "Maximalism" style was around long before then and keeps cycling back around in the design world. Over the past couple years we've spotted the trend on Pinterest, California Home + Design and Apartment Therapy. The Hollywood Regency style originated during the 1930’s when movie sets, hotels and homes of Hollywood were created with highly theatrical accents of tall white lacquered floor lamps, mirrored dressing tables and fainting couches upholstered in visually rich satin or velvet! We grabbed some images from decortoadore [dot] come and Julie Blanner's Coordinately Yours blog to help illustrate its vibe in the vignette below.

Designer Jonathan Adler says, "I define Hollywood Regency as Neo-classical lines mixed with Hollywood glamour and a top note of mod moxie. Hollywood Regency was a style of architecture and decoration popular in the 60s in LA that was a revival of classical regency style through a modern lens. Hollywood Regency added a layer of pattern and decoration and opulence and glamour to the minimalism of mid-century modernism.

I think that the current rage for Hollywood Regency is a reaction to the Christian Liaigre-ish minimalism that has been pervasive for the last several years. Design was starting to look a bit dour and grey and joyless and I think people had simply had enough. So, Hollywood Regency has become a catch-all name to describe design that thumbs its nose at minimalism in favor of classical references and lots of decoration. " Its splashes of gold, lucite, lacquer, and everything luxurious gives us reason to believe it will be seen again in many 2014 spring interiors.

Modulation Station

The future is now! Modulation within furniture and interior design is the key to efficiently and effortlessly using the space around us. Both with green walls and modern dividers, the usage of modulation displayed throughout the home and office is refreshing and a very zen-like style of choice.

The Urbio is a modular magnetic design that utilizes various sized pots with neodymium magnets that make them strong enough to hold just about anything. The pots adhere to wall plates that can be easily mounted anywhere. With the Urbio, you can design your green wall to work with your particular space challenges. Use one or several pots, and go wide or narrow, it depends on you and your wall.

The other modular furniture system ‘Docks’, by Berlin-based designers Till Grosch and Björn Meier can be combined in various ways to create different office islands. Manufactured by Ophelis, the communal piece of furniture functions both for meeting places, as well as a retreat for relaxation and concentration. The individual modules can be arranged independently, and be used either to provide acoustic and visual privacy, or to create open-plan meeting areas. Too, the Movisi LINK by Pearson LLoyd offers a variety of possible combinations to shape different space needs; adding privacy, light noise isolation all with an innovative and small footprint.

Spring is just around the corner and a chance for us to brighten our homes and spirits. Whether you're on a budget or looking for a full service remodel to spruce up your home, it behooves us to add a little cheer to our dwelling, because our environment shapes our attitudes and thus our lives!


In the Studio with the Talented Mary Wallis

Recently featured in Vogue's Heirlooms of Tomorrow: Ten Contemporary Designers to Collect Today, Australian-born Mary Wallis' interpretation of lighting design comes from a diverse background in genetics, traditional Chinese painting, and manifesting one's path.