Megan, a successful professional and self-proclaimed “hippie”, was in love with this house boat from the second she walked onto it. It had her at Hello. It was in serious disrepair but she saw its potential and didn’t look back. The combination of a tight knit community and the stunning views of Tiburon and Belvedere make this a bonafide oasis away from the hustle of the city. Megan began “shoring up” the boat 10 years ago, replacing windows and getting it water tight. When she was then ready to create her dream home on water, she partnered with LOCZIdesign and DuGarry Construction to help bring her ideas to life.

Megan is a world traveler and has an amazing and eclectic collection of furniture and art. She also has an amazingly daring design sensibility, providing a playground for creativity for the design team. There are some very unique and personal aesthetics in this space, tailored perfectly to Megan’s passion for all things Bohemian.

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