LOCZIdesign's Top 10 ICFF Favorites To Look For

The anticipation of attending this year's International Contemporary Furniture Fair is a bit like going to a candy store—a remarkable candy store filled with some of the most talented, vibrant, and sweetest designers the world has to offer. Our enthusiasm for fine craftsmanship goes beyond strolling though isles of furniture. At the end of last year's ICFF we returned to San Francisco and transformed many of our client's homes with an array of pieces sourced at the fair. Although there are hundreds of dazzling designers out there, we've listed 10 design firms we're crushing on, and some of the varsity all-star artisans we look forward to seeing again this year.

1. Gabriel Scott

With backgrounds in architecture, industrial design, and fashion design, GABRIEL Kakon and SCOTT Richler, have brought a rich bank of skill, creativity and style to the furniture world since early 2004. It is since then that the Canadian duo has exclusively designed and manufactured for the to-the-trade market, both in Canada and the U.S. We were beyond excited that our client agreed to use the Gabriel Scott KELLY CHANDELIER (above) in his Noe Valley remodel, adding playful splendor to the vibrant dining area.

2. Siemon & Salaza

Caleb Siemon founded his glass studio in 1999 in Costa Mesa, California. With the help of a group of friends, which included Carmen Salazar, he transformed an old auto body shop into an artists’ enclave complete with a village of vintage trailers in the parking lot. They outgrew their original home and moved to a facility in Santa Ana. Caleb upgraded to a highly efficient furnace which recycles the exhaust heat and cuts fuel consumption by a third while creating stunning home accessories and lighting.

3. Token NYC

Will Kavesh and Emrys Berkower's collaboration, TOKEN, is a Brooklyn-based design and manufacturing studio that develops contemporary handcrafted furniture and lighting objects embodying the evolving intentions of American modernism. We're looking forward to showcasing Token's furniture in a current LOCZIdesign transformation that will no doubt be a stunner—stay tuned!

4. Wüd Furniture

Wüd is more than luxury. It’s luxury for our time. Design that is elegant, yet still informal, steeped in fine art, yet eminently practical, at home anywhere people live and gather. It pleases, excites and invites. Their work combines innovative and contemporary designs with strong, classical joinery that makes it durable. Steel encased in resin, their stunning Patchwork Dining Table was the perfect touch to a Noe Valley remodel that also included many pieces obtained from last year's ICFF.

5. Eskayel

Eskayel is a Brooklyn, NY based design studio focused on applying a uniquely artistic and environmentally responsible approach to interior surface design. By reproducing their hand painted patterns locally in the northeastern United States on natural and recycled grounds, their made to order fabrics and wall-coverings are an Eco friendly and visually inspiring option for home and commercial projects. Above, we used their Feudal Facet Prima Wallpaper to accent the wall of this guest bedroom.

6. Lindsay Adelman

Lindsey Adelman Studio(s) design, prototype, build, and show their work in their NYC studio. Forms and ideas evolve collaboratively through 1:1 model-making and testing. The focus has mainly been on hand-blown glass and brass lighting since the studio's inception in 2006, but has now opened up into jewelry, vessels, tiles, and wallpaper, in materials including wood, concrete, porcelain, gold, and stereolithography.

7. Todd Von Mertens

Tod Von Mertens first began making furniture as a child, with his father, an accomplished craftsman. While attending the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, he learned to weld in order to integrate steel elements into sculpture. In 2008 his family took a leap of faith to follow his long held dream. He closed his successful metal fabrication business in Seattle, and moved across the country back to New Hampshire where he grew up. He bought an old farmhouse to live closer to the land, did some simple farming, and rebuilt his business focusing once more on furniture of his own design. The maple Platform Sleigh Bed (above) was used in recent project, reflecting the epitome of the elegant style and grace one can only find in nature.

8. Sami Haiyak

Sami Hayek’s design is based on an ongoing dialogue of powerful thoughts and moments in time translated into colors, textures, forms and compositions. Born in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico to a multi-cultural family, Hayek’s work is strongly influenced by the diversity and richness of his upbringing. After receiving his degree in environmental design from the Art Center College of Design, he established his own studio. The Los Angeles-based multi-disciplinary practice engages in a wide array of design projects at various scales, from affordable products to luxury furniture for both residential and commercial design.

9. Uhuru Design

Our recent design crush, Uhuru, is a design + build furniture company dedicated to sustainability and creating timeless designs. Uhuru builds each piece by hand, in their Red Hook Brooklyn studio. Many of the items they create utilize materials that have been reclaimed, recycled, re purposed, reused or otherwise rejected from their original function—an element in furniture craftsmanship we truly value.

10. Trove

Trove is one our favorite wallpaper companies. We have used their unique designs on the walls of various clients, particularly in this Edwardian Remodel. Based in Manhattan, Trove is the brainchild of Randall Buck and Jee Levin; their work is known for being both innovative and ethereal. Most recently, The Brooklyn Museum, which houses the second largest art collection in all of New York, selected six patterns from the design company to use in its permanent Decorative Arts Collection!

Expect an exclusive full report on all the action of this year's New York design week: which designers' works we plan to interpret into our newest remodels, and what pieces worth swooning over. Have a splendid weekend, friends!