The Dip Dye of July

I hope you're not completely over the idea of barbecuing. It is, after-all, the second Friday of the work which means (after reading this) there will be more gatherings to attend. Bringing me to yesterday afternoon, where I sat half slumped and completely full over a decorated picnic table. I couldn't help but notice the bright indigo ombré table cloth beneath me.

It appears that this summer's most contagious trend has taken over, mostly for its transmittable qualities. And no wonder, it is literally possible to dip-dye pretty much anything you can get your crafty hands on: curtains, your best friend's hair, throw pillows, finger-nails, jeans, and even a wooden stool — if you desire to do so.

Ombré dyeing is ideal for old white linens that have seen the last of their days. It also allows you to either experiment or keep things slightly conservative if you can't commit to completely dyeing something a solid color. What's more, you have full power to chose your dye, whether it's organic or a vibrant color you may have gotten from your travels. We obviously have the dip-dye bug — and it wouldn't feel right if we didn't try this ourselves, so do check back for our LOCZI DIY tutorial to see what we came up with. Below is a handful of our favorite inspirations to either buy or try for yourself.