Holiday DIY

Last Minute Holiday Crafting

Call it telepathy, but I get the strange feeling that you still haven't completed your holiday shopping. Well, you're in luck. I spent yesterday afternoon with a local green craft artisan, Lavinia Lindsay, and have a DIY holiday project to share. Perhaps this will inspire you to check off your shopping list with a sustainable, handmade gift to graciously give. Living walls have grown a lot of popularity in the Bay Area.

I saw one the other day outside of the Center City Hospitality House on Market street. It was filled with succulents, tropical greenery and native California ornamental grass varieties. It's an amazing alternative to artwork, or painting that bland wall in your home. Utilizing living objects, like plants for a craft project, is both functional and eco-friendly. It filters the air and adds charm for as long as their kept alive!


In this style of living wall art, you can start small by reusing out-dated wall hangings or discarded frames. We started our craft adventure at Goodwill, an easy place to find an inexpensive backing for your piece. We gathered framed art here, but you can use boards, drift wood or virtually anything flat enough to use as a backing.

Next stop (and undoubtably the most fun), was the nursery. There we picked up several Tillandsias, commonly known as air-plants, reindeer moss, and lichens. These species of greenery work well with living walls because they don't need soil, and require little maintenance. All you need is a spray bottle to mist them once a week. You can also use fertilizer once a month to give them some extra love.

The possibilities with these little guys are endless. Create shapes, different dimensions and ecosystems. Keep it as simple or embellish with as many plant objects of your choosing. In the frame below, the inscription below was used a guide---a sort of hidden message in the mini garden intended for the person who will receive your gift.

You wouldn't believe it, but Lavinia completed the first several wall hangings in less than an hour---which means you most certainly have plenty of time left to make one in time for the holiday!

Once you've got the hang of this, you can set your sights on more lofty projects! Paige is currently in London and shot this picture of their only living wall, 10 stories tall, its beauty is unparalleled. Happy crafting and Happy Holidays! Enjoy.