A Viewer's Rorschach, with Sandra Enterline : Jeweler

From excavation of the Earth to exploration of the stars, such are the possibilities of Sandra Enterline’s work. Deceptively minimalist at first glance, the materials, sensory impact and meaning are multi-layered.  

Shield Necklace - oxidized sterling silver and 22k gold - Sandra Enterline 2017

The “Shield” necklace resembles an archeological find, a Zulu artifact.   Yet, this large, bold shield is not impenetrable, but infinitesimally and multi-pierced.  These minuscule perforations create texture and convey light within and through the piece.  The dull, porous oxidized-silver exterior serves as a decorative screen through which light emanates, a mirage of the 22 karat gold-lined interior.

Sometimes, like reliquary, the perforations reveal hidden treasure.  The “Tear-drop” necklace (shown below) emits a curious glow which burns like embers.  In fact, these are rubies, rolling loose within paired, swinging pendants.  To Enterline, loose stones are more beautiful than set stones, for only free movement can add sound to the shifting colors, light, and shadows.  Other pieces contain fragments of bone, quail egg, shells, bees, mica and crystals. 

One of the most provocative of unconventional materials is inspired by a childhood near Titusville, Pennsylvania.  Featured in the show “Pretty Crude”, both the “Titusville Chandelier Pendant” and “Black Gold” acknowledge the birthplace of mankind’s most cherished discovery and greatest threat.

Titusville Chandelier Pendant

Titusville Chandelier Pendant

On approach, the necklace of oxidized silver and white gold suspends twin pendants which harken to designs of Egypt or the 1920s.   Each pendant is a tiered chandelier radiant with multi-hued amber dangles.  Yet, the sleek beads are not beads, but swaying, clinking miniature vials that induce one to not only to discover petroleum, but re-consider it.   The necklace, worn like a priest’s vestments, feels literally and figuratively weighty.   Another piece (not shown), pairs denuded, red coral with vials of petroleum linked by stainless steel chains.  The juxtaposition of petroleum with precious metals and stones, forces a simultaneous reckoning of unexpected luminous beauty with a dark environmental legacy.  

Diamond Web Necklace S. Enterline 2017.jpg

“Diamond Web” necklace presents another signature design that is at once molecular and constellatory.   Each diamond rests upon a scaffold of parallel mounts.  Light passes through the diamond from above, below and sides complementing reflections off the surface.  Impurities within the diamond add layers of shadow and sparkling cracks.  The imperfect diamond is a world within itself, in a grouping, it is elevated to a building block of Life or consideration of one’s place in a larger Universe.

Photography courtesy of Mark Johann .

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