LOCZIdesign Creates Lounge for Exploratorium’s Opening Gala at Pier 15 in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – April 25, 2013 – LOCZIdesign, an award-winning design firm based in San Francisco (www.loczidesign.com), was selected to design a custom lounge for the re-opening of the San Francisco Exploratorium on April 12.

In the spirit of the famously interactive museum, which relocated to Piers 15 and 17, the opening gala featured 24 Bay Area interior designers’ artistic interpretations of the fusion of science, art and technology in the form of hosted lounges.

“Seed of Life,” a designedCOLLECTIVE installation by LOCZIdesign, was one of the featured interior design vignettes tied to the evening’s theme, “Now this is where things get interesting.” The lounge rested in the heart of two halves of a majestic 330-year old Douglas Fir tree, surrounded by a section of its trunk and gigantic root system. The Douglas Fir “Tree Experience” is one of the museum's permanent installations, designed by artist Michael Brown.

“I really appreciated the fact LOCZIdesign took inspiration from "Big Wood" as their starting point,” said artist Michael Brown. “The amazing fact that a small seed contains all the information necessary to produce a tree is an inspiration. All life starts out as a single cell containing all the information required to become a living organism, even us humans.”

“We were so honored to work with such a magnificent piece of nature,” said Paige Loczi, founder and creative director of LOCZIdesign. “Michael’s tree exhibit created an intimate, contemplative space and we really wanted the lounge we designed to pay homage to his intention. The objective was always to highlight the feelings of reverence and inclusion that you feel in the presence of such a massive natural sculpture, to remember that in a number of ways, we are all still connected.”

Loczi’s design utilized the tree’s distinctive natural qualities and created multiple spaces within the installation. Since the interior of the tree naturally creates a personal, reflective setting, the “dwell” portion, which seats six people inside the massive trunk, was furnished with low tactile objects and elements to create a quiet space. The use of wool, metal, alpaca and leather added richness to the environment. Wood sculptures by Sedonya Kay and a hanging metal fixture by G Magnus Schevene completed the space.

The “lounge” portion, set outside the tree, was designed to be more conducive to banter, relaxing and eating. Layered with earth-toned soil, wood, soft wool and formed steel, the living-room-inspired space was surrounded by a screen woven from lightweight materials and a wall of flora. A wool felt rug by Amber Bieg depicted a view of the Bay Area from 10,000 feet above, as the terrarium installation by Crooked Nest depicted the natural ecosystem of the tree.

Aside the 14’ root system, images of “sound made visible” Cymatics videos and Bay Area Video artist, Stephanie Ku, entranced the viewer. The exhibit also included video footage of sounds of the sun, the stars, human voice, the human heart and even the heartbeat of the Earth, provided by Schumann Cavity Resonance – all rendered visible on a new scientific device known as the CymaScope.

"We were immediately taken by the name of LOCZIdesign’s lounge: The Seed of Life,” said John Stuart Reid of CymaScope.com. “The title is particularly resonant with the CymaScope team because our work has repeatedly shown that the creation of life on earth seems to have been intimately connected with sound…, leading us to believe that sound may have been the very seed of life in the primordial oceans.”

By adding layers of visual interpretation of sound, tactile sensation and smell, Loczi aimed to integrate a complex sensory experience to the lounge, creating the effect of being wrapped in a cocoon of soft light and sound. Inspired by the very center of the design, the Douglas Fir tree, the lounge drew attention to life on a complex and grand scale.

“This designCOLLECTIVE installation was a synthesis of art, creativity, science and technology creating a temporary environment,” said Loczi. “We wanted to honor the of life and natural science exhibits paying homage to both our planet and human creativity by showcasing the world seen and unseen.”

A term coined by Loczi, “designedCOLLECTIVE” is a group of talented interior designers, architects, furniture makers, industrial designers, landscape architects, contractors, musicians, painters and activists. Like “Seed of Life,” a designedCOLLECTIVE project showcases the collaborative spirit of LOCZIdesign’s work.

Loczi added, “Environment can shift you, allow you to take pause and reflect on the people and elements around you. I wanted to showcase the interconnectedness of life by focusing on scale, intention and collaboration. Seeing a human cell and then the heartbeat of the earth all within this massive tree is quite an experience. We were thrilled to be apart of the lounge exhibit because it was as a great opportunity to work alongside other esteemed designers, while visually expressing the same intentional connection that we use in our unique design practice. That is what designedCOLLECTIVE is all about.”


About LOCZIdesign:

Our Mission is to create spaces that balance and inspire. What is important to us is listening and contributing; providing you with an environment that reflects your style and taste and reminds you of whom you are and what you’re committed to. Our approach is personal, interactive and iterative. We provide non-toxic finishes, natural materials and locally obtained furniture and art, supporting both the environment and our community.

About designedCOLLECTIVE:

Paige Loczi started the designedCOLLECTIVE as a forum for community connection, bringing together local artists and designers to provide the furniture, textiles, lighting and sound to give life to spaces. We hold an annual "salon-style" gathering to celebrate artistry, craftsmanship and our community. Here’s a brief look at our last event and an introduction to the designedCOLLECTIVE.

About the collaborators:

Leslie Benson: An artist and a performer. She specializes in a sculptural technique of three-dimensional paper weaving that she developed in 2008 while studying Studio Arts at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She is a person of many varied artistic interests; sculpture, print-making, film acting, clowning, classical guitar, costume design and astrological studies are a hand full of the endeavors that have captured her creative spirits over the years.

Amber Bieg: A textile artist for fabricshed.com- contributed a wool rug created for collective dreaming, previously used during the deYoung’s Social Dreaming in the 21st century month long exhibit and workshop.

Coup d’Etat: Their furniture is often vintage or beautifully crafted locally. Their showroom is exquisite. Their pieces and ethos are the perfect synthesis of exquisite craftsmanship and reference to the past.

Crooked Nest: These talented ladies create Foliar Juxtapositions, Terrariums and Urban Landscaping, and often collaborate with LOCZIdesign to create unique and beautiful landscapes.

Sedonya Kay: A sculptor and artist whose works are made of found fragments of wood from collapsed buildings and structures. She seeks out and recovers the wood fragments locally in northern California. The fragments include native California species, such as redwood and Douglas Fir. Her work explores curved forms in wood that show evidence of the passage of time and that are simply beautiful.

Stefanie Ku: Is a San Francisco-based intermedia artist. She divides her time between helping people achieve wellness through sound and vibrational healing, playing keyboards and synths in electronic rock band Beautiful Machines, and transmuting her visions from the dimensionless realm of pure thought into an accessible language, the audio-visual language of sound and light.

Paige Loczi: A designer, she grew up surrounded by beautiful design. Her father is a famous car designer. She has a varied background that has prepared her for both big and small projects. She has lived and traveled all over the world, constantly inspired by the people and places she encounters. In addition to design, she has a passion for teaching and mentoring the world’s youth. Design for Paige is about creating an environment that supports the entire person and comes from being of service. It is also about excellence and execution. “Why not do something flawlessly?”

Lorn Dittfeld’s Propeller: Grew up in Miami and spent summers working in his uncle’s custom furniture shop. Lorn opened Propeller in 2002, with the aim of making furniture, doing interior design and selling the work of emerging artists. “A delicious array of furniture + accessories built + offered by people who have a stake in your happiness.”

John Stuart Reid: An acoustic-physics researcher, Reid, is co-inventor of this new scientific instrument called the CymaScope, a new instrument that reveals detailed structures within sounds, allowing their architecture to be studied pictorially.” He has researched the world of sound for over 30 years and has spoken extensively on his findings to audiences in the US and the UK. We have the honor of showcasing the recent video created for the Smithsonian’s “Star Station exhibit”. Imagine the experience of listening to and seeing stars whilst sitting inside a 330 yr. old tree?

Magnus Schevene: A designer whose specialty is custom fixture and furnishing design. His main sources of inspiration are the experience of the human body moving through space; the volumes of space created between real and imagined solid objects; and the ability of the mind to imagine shifts in scale, movement, and rotation. (For example, imagine a cluster of skyscrapers and imagine a gesture of a hand exploring patterns of weaving through them). His furnishings exhibit a play of historical references played against simple and modern geometries.

Karly Sue Smith: A Experiential Artist who teams up with small groups to produce large scale interactive art installations since, each of which were engineered to align with Sacred Geometry bringing an added quality of harmony into the experience. She has been inspired the most by the installations she has collaborated on their healing and awakening properties that engage participants.

Michael Ufferman: Came from the corporate world of the big Fortune 500s. He made the valiant jump to the creative world when eBay hired him to manage operations at their brick-and- mortar auction house, Butterfields. He later became one of their illustrious auctioneers. He has worked with the Black Rock Arts Foundations and has collaborated on large-scale temporary art installations.

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