Interior Mapping™, What's That?!


...continuing from a previous blog entry — "Home: more than a place to lay your head, but a habitat for creation, creativity and ease." How do we make that happen? We begin with Interior Mapping™.




It is an approach developed over a period of 20 years by Caroline Day, (Interior Mapping consultant for LOCZIdesign), which culturally and aesthetically integrates Feng Shui philosophy with solid design principles to create beautiful interior environments. It brings awareness of the impact that our surroundings have on our well-being.

Our spaces reflect who we are. Imagine an infusion of meaning and fresh aesthetic energy into your familiar rooms! Designing spaces with Interior Mapping™ involves a multi-layered process that includes:

client needs, function & flow, architecture, aesthetics, multi-use flexibility, sustainability & green, intuition, symbolism, life aspirations, goals, well-being (and close attention to your stated budget)




The work is for everyone going through Change (and isn't that all of us?). There is no such thing as stasis. Our lives are in motion. Whether Change is chosen: a move, a remodel, personal enrichment. Or imposed: death, divorce, a disease diagnosis - let your surroundings support you. They can hold your intention and help you to manifest your goals. Kids too!

Parents — explore Interior Mapping™ with your children in their bedrooms. This is a perfect way to give them some control when they have so little. We expect you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. First they will be asked to reflect on (possibly to discover!) what their aspirations are beyond achievement goals, and then to set their intention (a great exercise in and of itself). See how when they connect deeply with their inner beings and inner sanctums their focus may improve, their sleep, their habits...enthusiasm, confidence and happiness set in, providing the best foundation for any successful life.

...and The Elderly. Yes.*Everyone* Where elderly relatives are sharing a home Mapping contributes to everyone’s comfort and acceptance of a challenging situation.




Through Interior Mapping™ affirmations are discreetly brought into physical form and act as reminders on a conscious then subconscious level to bring about positive change in the inhabitant’s life. LOCZIdesign’s decisions about layout, color, form and focal points are influenced by our client's aspirations as revealed by our simple system of inquiry.

Clients and designers enjoy projects based on close collaboration resulting in environments that will deepen, strengthen and support our clients’ life goals.




Our mapping work sets the tone of our projects. In our first correspondence with a client we forward questions about their life aspirations, feeling and style preferences and request their response to certain shapes. This begins the work with symbolism. Right away the client is engaged in the Possibilities of what their interiors can become beyond fine-tuned aesthetics. Couples fill these questionnaires out independently of one another often generating new conversations towards a fresh view that early on elevates their vision for their shared space (and even perhaps for their relationship).

Rather than recognizable Feng Shui "cures" such as hanging crystals, chimes, bamboo flutes and blessing strips we strive to integrate the individual's personal symbolism into their aesthetic realm. We layer meaning to stabilize or energize these Life areas. If we walk into a residence or commercial space that has the above-mentioned traditional energy-shifting objects we may think: "Hmmm this space has been Feng Shuied". As designers sensitive to aesthetics what we’d rather think is: "This space is beautiful and feels wonderful, it so reflects this person’s essence.”

We work intuitively to reveal stories held within your belongings and refresh your perspective with conscious placement. We all hold stories in our hearts and belongings. Follow this link to Caroline's site for Marie and Peter's success story, click next to read through and discover how Mapping techniques have worked for them.

This unique way of navigating Place works on projects ranging from 2-hour consultations to full remodels.




Invite Paige Loczi, founder of LOCZIdesign and Caroline Day, founder of Interior Mapping™ to your organization to present their dynamic talk called Profound Aesthetics on intentional green design. We can’t wait to share how our clients are benefiting from the new level of Mapping integrating with design. Check back next week to see descriptions and layers of this valuable process in our current remodel transformation!