Festive Spring Decor

It's officially spring! The Vernal Spring Equinox fell on March 20th, this past Tuesday, and people are celebrating globally. The observance of Purim, a festival that includes gift-giving, costumes and masks took place in the beginning of this month. Nowruz, the Persian New Year, and Holi, Hinduism's festival of colors, were both held on March 21st. The eight day long Jewish observed Passover was followed by Ash Wednesday and Lent is in full swing with Easter also on its way. So I suppose it's needless to say, no matter your faith, or lack thereof, the importance of color and spring just may be the common denominator. (wink)

Below we've conjured up a group of pastel decor to inspire some spring cleaning and decorating in celebration of the holidays and warm days ahead of us. Take a look after the jump and let us know which you like or better yet how you've integrated some in your home.

Here we have Delight By

Design blog's juxtaposition of pastel and woody interior.

Erin After blog and Room 269, display the reuse of antique ceiling light fixtures with a poppy spring yellow wall makeover.

Confetti inspired throw pillows for your spring dining set or living room via Amy Atlas blog.

Ferm Living kitchen mugs, and canister decor that all come in matching wallpaper.

Hillary's Blinds shown in turquoise blue to enhance guest bathroom.

Better Homes and Garden's Easter Decor post featuring hollowed quail eggs in frames.

79 Ideas blog's eat in kitchen decor.


Amy Atlas Blog dining spring inspired center piece.

Spring photography of bare trees against pale green sky titles print "Sweet Dreams" by Bomobob for sale via Etsy.

Fun with paint via Design Sponge DIY project with Amanda Happe.