Fall Interior Design Trends

Each person, client, and member of our close-knit firm has a unique design style of their own. We prefer to honor individual creativity above trends. And seeing that sustainability is one of the strongest driving forces in our approach, we've witnessed its path from trend into a realm of design with the most promise of longevity. With that said, it doesn't mean that we don't take note of and incorporate the new waves of colors, patterns, and styles into our remodels. So this week, we'd like to share our favorite fall trends that are timeless and will no doubt be seen in homes well past the autumn season of 2012!

Back to the Basics

Let's face it, nature is perfect. As designers, we constantly rely on wood, not only for construction, but for inspirations and the ability to create calm, warm, and sometimes more serious dwellings. The ruggedness also offers up a masculine-like feel that can compliment any style without being gender specific. Reclaimed wood, drift wood, and other naturally derived forms have been seen everywhere in homes all over the world: from tables, to sink counters, serving utensils and pendant lamps. This simple, yet practical element will continue to be beautiful and hold value for years to come. The benefits surpass form and function but is a constant reminder of true sustainability and our outside world.

Cozy Quarters

When you think of fall and the waning months of the year, a warm cozy place to sit by the fire (perhaps with some yarn and a needle) is the idyllic setting that comes to mind. Many designers are incorporating crocheted, knitted, and "smok" techniques as area rugs and chunky fabric pieces. This could easily be a DIY project or gift for the, dare I say, upcoming holiday season—though the needles you use may be a bit larger than usual.

Faux furs, and Flokati wools also add a touch of comfort to beds, floors and your desk chair, stepping up the comfort factor to the highest notch. We especially love the cozy workspace on the top left of our style guide from the Organic Grey blog's, "Inspire Me Fridays" post.


Gold often times gets a bad wrap. Though it can appear gaudy in particular circumstances, it's lustrous charm is perfect for a home—in just the right doses. Sparkly beads, metallic fabrics, brass, copper, golden tiles, and even glass chairs are shining their way into our homes and is no longer associated with the golden days disco (not to say there's anything wrong with disco). Adding some gold is an easy way to incorporate cheer into your home with a touch of twinkle. In our recent remodel and in the style-guide above, we installed a beautiful golden vintage-inspired wallpaper into the bathroom of our client's San Francisco flat. It compliments the other golden fixtures perfectly!


We absolutely love where geometric shapes and lines are going these days. Perhaps you've noticed how we've added a geometric pettern into our logo? To much surprise, abstract lines work so well with textiles and furnishings, and when it comes to architecture—it's devine. Paige also happens to be currently crushing on the table, above, featured as Hand Full of Salt's fresh talent: John Liston. Geometric ratios and figures were and still are often used in the design of Egyptian, ancient Indian, Greek and Roman architecture and modern Western designs. Medieval European cathedrals also incorporated symbolic geometry as well as Indian and Himalayan spiritual communities where constructed temples and fortifications on design plans of mandala and yantras.

There are over a dozen styles and trends organically merging and changing by the minute—that's the beauty of design and the world we live in.

And above all, we strive to create spaces that balance and inspire. We know it's important to honor what personally reflects you, your style, and your home. But we are always curious to see new innovations and trends. So please don't hesitate to share some of yours with us in the comment box below!