Dwell on Design with Guest Blogger Magda Loczi!

Another talented powerhouse from the Loczi family, Magda Loczi, highlights the show-stoppers from Paige, Catrina and Hanna's jaunt to this year's Dwell on Design!

For innovative LED lighting and furniture solutions, Cerno continues to rank high on our list. From the natural materials designed with care and precision, to passionate partners who are friends first, to the fact that it’s all US made, the reasons are many to keep coming back for more. Paige is anxious to showcase a few of their latest designs in an upcoming project, so stay tuned! Click on their video (here) to find out what drives them.

We are seriously flipping out over the Nourishmat system. For those of us with not-so-green thumbs, it’s “a garden blanket tool designed to take the guesswork out of gardening.” It uses a paint-by-numbers system and “seedballs” which provide all of the necessary nutrients to start your plants. Find a 4’x6’ planting area, add water twice a day and watch your garden grow. Amazing! They have a Kickstarter campaign launching July 1st - click here to learn more.

We loved these modern planters and outdoor elements. They're full of style and easy to take care of. The hurbz pots have a built-in drain, and stack within each other for easy & light delivery.

It's hard not to tell why we're crushing on Organic Modernism. This Brooklyn-based design firm believes that working people around the world should be able to afford and enjoy an aesthetic quality in their everyday lives. Amen! They share that same vision about design and are dedicated to bringing design to the masses — and are a current favorite of Paige's with their use of bronze and walnut.

We recently featured Aaron's heated bench in our Summer post (read here)- but loved running into him at the show! We first worked with Aaron when he designed a custom shade structure for us and loved seeing his latest creation. We also loved the bink table lines and how nicely it worked with the wonderfully colorful fabrics from House Fifty Two.

Being that we love all things well-designed, we wanted to feature some details with serious brainpower behind them. The INLET by LivingPlug solves the ongoing problem of the unsightly outlet; while Modloft sets the right tone between style and craftsmanship. The SOMA filter is as beautiful as it is useful. Every 3 months the company mails you a new filter. And lastly, the PLY90 hinges make almost anything easier to build so use your imagination to create the DIY item of your dreams.