Designing from the 'Outside In'...Grabbing Inspiration From All Around

hello friends!

Sometimes people ask me where our palettes come from when designing a space. Of course, we take into account the clients proclivities, but too, we open our eyes! In this SOMA corner unit, not only is there a ton of light, there's a color story right out the window. Looking across the way, we see the squares and rectangles replicated time and time again- we see blues, greens and even teal in the window casings. Inside, we see red tones in the flooring and an opportunity to highlight depth with the recessed windows... The palette's there- all around us, waiting for us to enhance the natural beauty of the urban landscape.

Here is the existing flooring and the corner buildings- notice all the shapes, and tones of gray/taupe/beige/green- and notice the flora. When we created the color palette for this space, we took into account all these tones and added them to the mix. That way, we're bringing the outside in- and extended the visual range of the immediate environment. The trick now is to get the tones of the greens & grays correct! Make sure that you pay attention to the tones of the wood from your furnishings so it doesn't go yellow. In this case, choose espresso, forged steel and pewters-

Here's the collage that we came up with that incorporated new furnishings, photos from travels and the fixed elements from the granite & flooring. We pulled in the turquoise from the building across the street- and then used forged steel and iron in the furniture and lighting. Bright pops of red and green are also visible in the paintings and selection of photographs.