Crafting with Wiggles: DIY Decoupage Wall Tutorial

Greetings friends. My family and I recently purchased a new house and we're slowly making it our own, one room at a time. To set the stage, our home is a 1930's cottage nestled amidst the trees of Glen park. With exposed douglas fir beams, wide plank floors and big windows that overlook the canyon, it's magical. Spaces unfold overtime and this home is no exception. After living here for a few months, inspiration and a weekend alone with my 4yr old daughter Emerson, prompted a trip to to FLAX, my favorite art store. The following are the results of our afternoon crafting session!

Armed with my old maps, beautiful handmade paper, Vintage posters and some supplies, we were ready to adorn our kitchen wall Decoupage style. Decoupage, if you don't know, is the process of pasting pictures on a surface. You can decoupage walls with pictures from magazines, photographs, fabric, or just about anything thin enough to lay flat onto a smooth surface.

With Emerson placated with glitter glue, play-doh and paints, I was primed for my own craft hour! (well, evening, actually...) I started by laying out all my papers and seeing the shapes and then taped them up on the wall to see the patterns I wanted to replicate. I usually start in a corner and work my way across and up. Decoupage is more forgiving in some ways because you can always add another piece, or change the shape of something by adding another layer. Remember that there's overlapping, so determine which image you want to appear on 'top'. I like using crafting scissors to create interesting edges on the images.

Be sure to make it personal! We have an embossed heart-rock in our backyard, which served as my inspiration...

Tape up your images on the surface before you glue them in place. You can lay them on a surrounding surface 'in order' once determined. Work in small segments so as not to overwhelm. And, remember, it's fun!

Shopping List:

  • Images of inspiration: Scrapbook paper, posters, pictures, magazine or book pages or photographs
  • Modge Podge Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cheap paintbrush (you’ll definitely want to throw it away after)
  • Wallpaper smoother


1. Go to your local craft store, vintage store, or pull out some of your favorite maps, magazines and post cards you've been keeping around for too long.

2. Create a concept for your layout. There’s no wrong or right way to do it.

3. Clean the wall thoroughly and let the wall dry completely.

4. Lay drop cloths over the floor and move furniture away from the wall to protect the items in your home

5. Dip a sponge brush into the glue and brush it on the back side of a picture. Press the picture on the wall. This will firmly attach the picture to the wall.

6. Keep going: As you reach up out and all over your wall be sure there's consistency in the thickness of your wall. Repeat the process with the rest of the pictures to your heart's delight

7. Push the brush over the pictures to smooth out air bubbles. Work quickly so that the bubbles don't dry out and stay on the wall.

8. Let the pictures dry until they are firmly attached to the wall. This could take several hours.

9. Dip the sponge brush into the glue and brush it over the dried decoupage. This protective layer of glue will help the decoupage last longer and will make it shine.

10. Let the area dry completely and enjoy!

Here's my husband enjoying our breakfast nook replete with hanging pot rack, a large floorlength mirror and our decoupaged wall!