Why Wallcoverings Work!

Innovative beyond measure, for the renter, nature enthusiast, and the tiny artists who prefer crayons as their artistic medium. Wall-coverings are making a major come-back. Designs now vary from simple black and while mod prints to experimental negative-film images. We've devoted this post to giving you an update on all the types of chic wallcoverings that currently exist and how to implement them into your interior design experiments.



















Our first stop, the well-known ferm LIVING, who's U.S. Rep lives here in San Francisco. You might have seen some of their decals on the walls of Speesees, down in the mission district! ferm originated in Denmark as a graphic design firm, but it wasn't until the owner found herself decorating that she embarked on this endeavor.
She was at a loss for cost-effective, creative wallpaper, when the epiphany arrived to create her very own. Since 2006, ferm took it upon themselves to create sustainable and affordable wallpaper, decals, stickers, office objects, and printed soft furnishings to compliment their wall-coverings and your home.


If you're familiar with some of our remodels here at LOCZIdesign, like in our Noe Valley bedroom above, you've probably seen our instillations of wallpaper from the New York based, Trove. This company really brings it---every season---with futuristic takes on traditional wallpaper patterns and etherial imagery. Their current line is quite amazing. Check it out my latest favorite here! Along with high-end creativity, comes safety. Trove carries wallpaper with Type II certification, Class "A" fire rating and NFPA rating for smoke development. Below are various coverings in their additional collection of printed "window film", an option for cabinets, doors, drawers and windows. C'est cool!

The mural makers at Murals Your Way have seriously considered all your wallpaper woes and came up with a pretty cool product called Smartstick, a removable, wrinkle-free, non-toxic material that you can actually re-use on multiple walls. Environmental is on the top of our list for reasons why wall-coverings are a good alternative to painting or leaving that wall bare. But they're also ideal for rentals, commercial properties, hotels, doggy daycares, and an endless array of business spaces. You can either upload your own image, choose an artist of your liking, or stick with their inventory of over 7,000 rad designs to select from---like the mural below.

Decorating wall system company, ixxi, takes wall covering to a whole new level. Using individual water-resistant, tear proof, anti-static synthetic matte cards, you can emulate a collage, mural or wall through their easy instillation process. Try using their system as an artistic alternative to a wall to separate your kitchen from dining area; or buy a dozen to replicate a collage of your favorite photographs!

Adults aren't the only people who can have fun with wall decorations. A super cool Los Angeles institution, self proclaimed as the first removable wall graphic company, Blik, hit the scene in 2002 with decals featuring funky-fresh artists geared towards street art and children's decor. They also donate murals to various children's hospitals and community organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club and Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA.

So much fun, right?! I know, the possibilities may seem a bit intimidating, but they're really not. Just begin by choosing a spot in your flat that's dangerously bare; your closet door, kitchen cabinets, or even the ceiling of your bedroom. Work out a sketch in your head, on a sheet of paper, and with some friends. Think it over, talk it out and plan. Before you know it, you'll be gliding your hand along the smooth surface of your newly installed and vibrant wall that will be sure to inspire you from days on end. Feel free to send us a photo of what you've done!