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Your Table of Abundance

Your Table of Abundance

Despite what the mainstream media may be telling us, abundance and lights is all around us. With the holiday in full swing, no matter what you're celebrating, the dining area will be the nucleus of your home. We are so thankful for our clients and the community around us — allow is to show you some of our favorite LOCZIdesign remodeled dining areas.

6 Tips for Anti Spring Cleaning

Let's be real. Every year we dread the daunting task of spring cleaning. So this year, I turned to Paige Loczi for a few of her go-to tips on cleaning your home for spring in an untraditional, yet rejuvenating way.

Dwell on Design with Guest Blogger Magda Loczi!

Another talented powerhouse from the Loczi family, Magda Loczi, highlights the show-stoppers from Paige, Catrina and Hanna's jaunt to this year's Dwell on Design!

Last-Minute Gift Guide for Interior Design Lovers

The beauty of the holiday season is that late gifts are as welcomed—if not more so—than the ones you get on time. So if you see something here that you want to grab for that special person who loves to adorn their home with beautiful things, don't feel bad about it being last-minute. They'll love you just the same.

1. The Unysn Elm Black Table Lamp ($245) has simple yet sophisticated beauty. Its unique asymmetrical tripod base is produced from solid Chinese repurposed wood, with natural designs and authentic charm. From the online company, Pure Home, who knows that curating a home takes a lot more than just picking and buying pretty things (although we all know that part is the most fun). We like them especially because hey pride themselves in helping their customers have a space to relax, play, be creative, and create memories. What's more important than that!?

2. ESKAYEL is one of our favorite textile shops. Though they're not local, it's hard to not fall in love with their ethereal hand-dyed wool rugs, linen pillows, and wallpaper made in downtown Brooklyn. The Madagascar rug ($200 per sq ft) is made of banana silk in Nepal then hand-dyed. Often times it can be customarily dyed to your liking—WANT!

If you are looking to pick up and see in some amazingly cozy rugs in person, Peace Industry, in the Mission District, is the perfect place to start. Melina and Dodd Raissnia (owners and designers) make their rugs in Turkey where they have perfected the best methods for producing the highest quality felt rugs from 100% lamb's wool and natural dyes. They are hand-made in small batches insuring that each piece is unique and exceptional in quality. They are earth-friendly, chemical-free, and fair trade. Custom colors and sizes are available, too!

3. The Natural Himmeli ($25) modern hanging mobiles that also double as ornaments, are styled after a Finnish tradition. These small sculptural himmelis are delicate in its design but carry a strong geometric pattern that is all the current rave in the design world. They are the perfect size to adorn the holiday tree or collect a large bare branch to display them from year round. A lovely minimalist addition to any space.

4. The Eero Saarinen's 1946 Womb chair ($3,282), made exclusively for Knoll is now redesigned to be sustainable, setting new standards for the modern throwback design. The Womb chair is available in three sizes and the standard and medium size have an accompanying ottoman. Upholstery is available in a wide range of KnollTextiles and Spinneybeck leather that are GREENGUARD qualified for Indoor Air Quality Certified® for low-emitting products. Perfect.

5. Candles, scented oils and smell goods are hands-down what we see and want most during the holidays. These birch candles are simple, but also easy to make yourself if you happen to have a healthy supply of lumber scraps. Candles and oils is an easy way to create a sanctuary in your home. One of our favorite sanctuaries that is also a great place to stop by to pamper yourself or a loved one, is Le Sanctuaire, voted Best Of The Bay for their facial. This boutique, located in Petrero Hill, specializes in skin care, skin care products, and being passionate about creating results through purity, balance, and compassion.

6. All we want is peace—to eat well and to be merry! A great reminder, in plate form, is the Gold Peace Sign Salad Plate ($21) designed by Murval of Paris. Host the ones you love at a dinner party with these beauties and you may not get everyone to agree , but you'll get a taste of what peace is like while everyone quiets down to eat whatever delicious nom noms are on their plates.

Looking for a fun and local place to find perfect holiday gifts like the peace place? Look no further than our our coveted shops, perch, walking distance from our office in Glen Park! Luckily perch will be open Monday, 12/24 from 10 am - 5 pm for all your last-minute shopping needs. You'll be able to find local San Francisco crafted purfumes, ceremics, coasters, wrapping papers, olive oils, and all sorts of treasures.

7. We're going to let you in on our little secret and Paige's current interior design crush, THE NWBLK (The New Black). The Prometheus hanging chandelier ($5,710) is sure to instantly be the stunning jewel of any home. The Diamond Ring light (also Paige's favorite and designed by Christopher Boots) is another creation you can find at NWBLK. They offer an array of uniquely handcrafted furniture and high-end interior decor created and shown in the former American Can Co. headquarters on 1999 Bryant Street.

Do you know what you're doing for NYE? Celebrate the last New Year of the age in a compelling environment curated by The NWBLK. Hosted by San Francisco’s premiere party gal Juanita MORE! with music and atmosphere by the team known as BLAKSHEEP MUSIC – Derek Bobus & Ken Vulsion. Benefitting Folsom Street Events. The night features a complimentary champagne toast at midnight, $5 cocktails, late-night eats, a performance by Glamamore and dancing until dawn. Purchase tickets designed to appeal to your personal drink preference.

Oh, but there's more, our Vintage Stop Shop post is a great place to look for more interior design shops in the area that will help you upgrade your home with some charm in time for holiday guests. Do lock-in our Pinterest page under your bookmarks. You'll find over a thousand inspiring designs for your home, recipes for your mouth and great ideas to feasts your eyes on. Happy Holidays!

New Takes on Tile

While sitting comfortably in a cushioned seat, I ate my lunch quietly, slowly taking in the surroundings and thinking of what this week's blog post was going to be. Turns out that Spice Monkey, the restaurant I was in, tucked away from burgeoning Uptown Oakland, had a previous life in the 1920's as the Robert Howden & Sons tile showroom.

Peering at the still completely intact tile surrounding its walls, floors, fireplace, and fountain, sparked the intention to celebrate the craft of tile-making and its rich tradition. This week we'll feed you a teaser of some tile trends from artisans in San Francisco and other parts of the globe.

LOCZIdesign kitchen remodel batik pattern with Fireclay Debris Series Tile


The kitchen tile design above by LOCZIdesign was inspired by the bold cultural batik prints and patterns featuring tile from Fireclay. They are one of the Bay Area's leading experts in producing recycled and sustainable ceramics. Their Debris series, made up of 60% recycled materials, offers a large variety of colors using locally sourced post- and pre-consumer waste materials.

Photo Courtesy of Made a Mano Tile Company


Now that spring is waning and we find ourselves swiftly flying toward the beginning of summer—it's no wonder that new tile trends are showing their brightly patterned faces. The thought of stepping out of the shower, or better yet a pool, feeling the cool ceramic tile on my bare feet, swarms into my imagination when I see this ultra fun, yet traditional tile layout above by Italian-based firm, Made a Mano. Their tile is crafted by what they call "free hand," an elaborate method that is drawn by hand on each tile using first a pencil, then a brush. The image below showcases their other form of hand-printing, similar to silkscreening, where the objects and shapes are pressed onto tiles, then the color applied by brush.

Made a Mano Tile Company: Above


Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes, owners of Popham designs, lived in New York and Los Angeles as a Filmmaker and P.R. Executive before relocating to Marrakech, Morocco in 2006. It was then when the couple bought a 250-year-old home in the ancient walled city, and began the process of renovation, that they began to sketch their own tile designs. The appreciation for the versatility and traditional elements of tile inspired them to start Popham Designs, showcasing a dynamic use of colors and pattens that depict their signature style.

Popham Design Tile, Via Design Sponge


Tile represents the perfection of the elements. It is an ancient cultural practice, the first clay tiles known to have been produced around seven to eight thousand years ago. It seems that since then, little has changed in essence, though new methods and materials have, of course, been introduced. Much tiling remains a hand-operated, labor-intensive process. Sitting here in Spice Monkey, seeing the new life and the new incarnations that the tile factory lends itself to, is testament to the fact that the tile we use may one day outlast us. And that feeling is actually quite comforting.


Photo Courtesy of Popham Design


Festive Spring Decor

It's officially spring! The Vernal Spring Equinox fell on March 20th, this past Tuesday, and people are celebrating globally. The observance of Purim, a festival that includes gift-giving, costumes and masks took place in the beginning of this month. Nowruz, the Persian New Year, and Holi, Hinduism's festival of colors, were both held on March 21st. The eight day long Jewish observed Passover was followed by Ash Wednesday and Lent is in full swing with Easter also on its way. So I suppose it's needless to say, no matter your faith, or lack thereof, the importance of color and spring just may be the common denominator. (wink)

Below we've conjured up a group of pastel decor to inspire some spring cleaning and decorating in celebration of the holidays and warm days ahead of us. Take a look after the jump and let us know which you like or better yet how you've integrated some in your home.

Here we have Delight By

Design blog's juxtaposition of pastel and woody interior.

Erin After blog and Room 269, display the reuse of antique ceiling light fixtures with a poppy spring yellow wall makeover.

Confetti inspired throw pillows for your spring dining set or living room via Amy Atlas blog.

Ferm Living kitchen mugs, and canister decor that all come in matching wallpaper.

Hillary's Blinds shown in turquoise blue to enhance guest bathroom.

Better Homes and Garden's Easter Decor post featuring hollowed quail eggs in frames.

79 Ideas blog's eat in kitchen decor.


Amy Atlas Blog dining spring inspired center piece.

Spring photography of bare trees against pale green sky titles print "Sweet Dreams" by Bomobob for sale via Etsy.

Fun with paint via Design Sponge DIY project with Amanda Happe.




Interior Mapping™, What's That?!


...continuing from a previous blog entry — "Home: more than a place to lay your head, but a habitat for creation, creativity and ease." How do we make that happen? We begin with Interior Mapping™.




It is an approach developed over a period of 20 years by Caroline Day, (Interior Mapping consultant for LOCZIdesign), which culturally and aesthetically integrates Feng Shui philosophy with solid design principles to create beautiful interior environments. It brings awareness of the impact that our surroundings have on our well-being.

Our spaces reflect who we are. Imagine an infusion of meaning and fresh aesthetic energy into your familiar rooms! Designing spaces with Interior Mapping™ involves a multi-layered process that includes:

client needs, function & flow, architecture, aesthetics, multi-use flexibility, sustainability & green, intuition, symbolism, life aspirations, goals, well-being (and close attention to your stated budget)




The work is for everyone going through Change (and isn't that all of us?). There is no such thing as stasis. Our lives are in motion. Whether Change is chosen: a move, a remodel, personal enrichment. Or imposed: death, divorce, a disease diagnosis - let your surroundings support you. They can hold your intention and help you to manifest your goals. Kids too!

Parents — explore Interior Mapping™ with your children in their bedrooms. This is a perfect way to give them some control when they have so little. We expect you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. First they will be asked to reflect on (possibly to discover!) what their aspirations are beyond achievement goals, and then to set their intention (a great exercise in and of itself). See how when they connect deeply with their inner beings and inner sanctums their focus may improve, their sleep, their habits...enthusiasm, confidence and happiness set in, providing the best foundation for any successful life.

...and The Elderly. Yes.*Everyone* Where elderly relatives are sharing a home Mapping contributes to everyone’s comfort and acceptance of a challenging situation.




Through Interior Mapping™ affirmations are discreetly brought into physical form and act as reminders on a conscious then subconscious level to bring about positive change in the inhabitant’s life. LOCZIdesign’s decisions about layout, color, form and focal points are influenced by our client's aspirations as revealed by our simple system of inquiry.

Clients and designers enjoy projects based on close collaboration resulting in environments that will deepen, strengthen and support our clients’ life goals.




Our mapping work sets the tone of our projects. In our first correspondence with a client we forward questions about their life aspirations, feeling and style preferences and request their response to certain shapes. This begins the work with symbolism. Right away the client is engaged in the Possibilities of what their interiors can become beyond fine-tuned aesthetics. Couples fill these questionnaires out independently of one another often generating new conversations towards a fresh view that early on elevates their vision for their shared space (and even perhaps for their relationship).

Rather than recognizable Feng Shui "cures" such as hanging crystals, chimes, bamboo flutes and blessing strips we strive to integrate the individual's personal symbolism into their aesthetic realm. We layer meaning to stabilize or energize these Life areas. If we walk into a residence or commercial space that has the above-mentioned traditional energy-shifting objects we may think: "Hmmm this space has been Feng Shuied". As designers sensitive to aesthetics what we’d rather think is: "This space is beautiful and feels wonderful, it so reflects this person’s essence.”

We work intuitively to reveal stories held within your belongings and refresh your perspective with conscious placement. We all hold stories in our hearts and belongings. Follow this link to Caroline's site for Marie and Peter's success story, click next to read through and discover how Mapping techniques have worked for them.

This unique way of navigating Place works on projects ranging from 2-hour consultations to full remodels.




Invite Paige Loczi, founder of LOCZIdesign and Caroline Day, founder of Interior Mapping™ to your organization to present their dynamic talk called Profound Aesthetics on intentional green design. We can’t wait to share how our clients are benefiting from the new level of Mapping integrating with design. Check back next week to see descriptions and layers of this valuable process in our current remodel transformation!






London! The Source for Design Inspiration

There's nothing like a little travel to motivate our inner designer. Whilst away on holiday, I had the chance to see London in all of its holiday glory. Come along for a private peek into some of the sites and sounds I came across on my travels...

Since we stayed on the west side of town, our first stop was Liberty, an institution in the UK. Each level was filled with beautiful objects, inspiring and inciting, expertly layered to delight the senses with scale and sparkle. True to form, the Brits do style with just a hint of humor.

Our next stop was Kate Spade. I love the kelly green desk chair and the gallery wall in the office display. Another huge hit was the large floral wallpaper in the stairwell. Almost every pub we came across showed botanical prints- whether juxtaposed with traditional chandeliers, or modernized with bronze glowing Kenneth Weingard'esk starburst lights, it's hard to go wrong when adding this dramatic statement.

The folks in Graham & Green couldn't have been nicer! Their vintage- inspired shop was stocked with lovely little gems. Metal and Mirrors and ivory-inlay furniture mixed with linen displayed their eclectic, timeless style.

We hit Portobello Road for some shopping (oops!) and to check out the local art scene. A little like the Mission in SF, Portobello had loads of antiques, local shops, galleries, great restaraunts and colorful graffiti. We especially loved the gallery Graffik, hawking urban graffiti for the discerning connoisseur. We were equally inspired by Atom Rooms' beautiful photographs lining the street. When you're ready to eat, head over to Soho Houses' Pizza East. The interior design is effortless and the food is exceptional.

Last but certainly not least, we really came to London to meet up with some of our friends. They graciously took us in providing us with not only shelter but additional design inspiration. My friend Angela's shabby-chic flat provided endless design possibilities and showed once again, that it doesn't take a lot to make a big impact. Her vintage mirrored chest and crystal chandelier- show both panache and restraint.

Not known for its sun, Londoners seek access to light & nature and bring the outside in however they can. Our friends Katy and Robbie extended their house by enclosing their dining area in glass. This well-insulated atrium warms the soul, regardless of the weather outside. Their open plan takes a page from industrial kitchens with its racks for pots & pans and utensils. I love how the color-break with this subway tile elongates the space. It reflects a style that is both fresh and timeless, just like Katy and Robbie.

Filled to the brim with ideas, and happy to have returned to some sun of my own, I celebrate the newness that comes with this season of growth. -Here's to reigning in the new year with beauty and delight, gathering inspiration from all around. Three Cheers to London, for showing us a roaring good time and Three Cheers to good design, for keeping the creative juices flowing! Drink deeply my friends, drink.

Art, Gallery Walls and an Optical Illusion

We were so inspired to hear about the new expansion plans for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, that we decided to use it as a jumping point for this week's entry. The expansion, which is planned to connect the rear of the museum from Minna to Howard street, will break ground in 2013 and open to the public in early 2016. Through this addition, SFMOMA intends to reach out and enrich the surrounding SOMA community, k-12 students, and the outside world.

DIY Gallery Wall Ideas

It's quite easy to present a gallery-like wall in your abode. Whether it's above your bed, seating area, or wherever extra wall space is present, it all begins with how to scale your art on walls. West elm, Flax Art & Design, and Aspect Custom Framing and Gallery have an awesome collection of frames and services. Here are a few DIY tips for creating your in-home gallery, stress free:

Start by finding the the anchor---usually your biggest piece of artwork. Create, with painter's tape, a center line. Hang up your anchor piece wherever you'd like, balancing the other pieces on each side of your center line. Just be sure to pay special attention to the spaces between each frame, keeping the spacing somewhat uniformed.


You can also hang your artwork more randomly to achieve its own sense of uniformity. This works easiest by drawing a box or template on your wall, using it as a guide for your layout. Then hang your frames everywhere and anywhere within the box you created.

The most classic, and understated approach, is the in-line layout. It doesn't matter whether these are black and white photographs, or oil-based paintings---it's okay to mix and match. Once again, stick within the center-line. The form itself gives each piece of artwork a chance to show off.

Optical Illusions

You might have noticed that in most San Francisco dwellings, hallways are usually the main entrance of a home. They lead the guest first through the hallway, then to the other rooms. Why not make this more than a place for your keys, shoes and a doormat? Showcase the artwork that defines you and your home in your main entryway. Picture railings (the molding between the ceiling and the doorframe of on your wall), are the perfect lines to use as a midpoint for your wall hangings.

To make more of an affect, or if you're worried that your hallway might appear too short or narrow for a mini gallery, try this optical illusion trick Paige borrowed from a bathroom shoot: in the before image to the right, she took all the colors from each room in the house and painted a strip of each color from the picture railing to the ceiling. She also created a gallery space for several framed art pieces to complete the look in the after image below. The space appears larger, and unified!

Placement Of Your Favorite Artwork

Artwork carries a tremendous amount of clout when designing a space! It is often the anchor that holds together the color story, mood, and layout to a room or an entire flat. Below is a perfect example: Paige designed this entire room from the oil paintings hanging above and to the right of the master bed.

Whether your displaying gallery worthy pieces, complimenting your art with wall color, or creating a grand entrance, design can fill your life with the splendor. We'd love to see some of the ways you've created in-home gallery spaces! Send us your wall photos and mounting ideas in our comment box below or here: mennlay@loczidesign.com

Designing from the 'Outside In'...Grabbing Inspiration From All Around

Looking across the way, we see the squares and rectangles replicated time and time again- we see blues, greens and even teal in the window casings. Inside, we see red tones in the flooring and an opportunity to highlight depth with the recessed windows... The palette's there- all around us, waiting for us to enhance the natural beauty of the urban landscape.