The Outdoor Extravaganza from Dwell on Design

I thought it would be fun to welcome summer with a review from Dwell on Design, by focusing on outdoor furniture. Ironically, unless you're in the Sunset District of San Francisco, it's actually summer here in the Bay Area — what better way to inspire you to finally build that deck than to share a few of my favorite picks!

Casa Bubble


For anyone adventurous (or venturing to the Playa this year), check out Casa Bubble. This structure inflates in minutes and packs tightly into a large suitcase. Minus the necessary shade structure, it's a perfect fit for camping almost anywhere.

Kindle Living


Everyone loves to bring the heat, especially when the sun goes down... Kindle makes "pretty" hot with its stylish lighting-come-heater. The changeable colored orbs are perfect for outside restaurants and bars and obvious crowd-pleasers.

Modern Moonshine & Bend Seating


This year we're seeing a lot of powder-coated furniture mixed with elastic — perfect for the modern aesthete. The chair from Modern Moonshine was comfortable and well-priced, a plus when planning your perfect patio.

Terra Trellis & Oborain


I also adored the new trellis collection from Terra Trellis. This women-owned shop employs a team of craftsmen in the heart of LA. Their beautiful sculptures are durable, and whimsical, making them a sure bet for my current Noe Valley rooftop project! I also enjoyed the outside shower from Oborain. The set up takes minutes and connects to any water system.

Lumos Solar Awning


Solar isn't just for roofs anymore. I saw a few solar displays depicting imagined flowers, or trees but I especially love the simplicity of Lumos Solar's awnings. Used as carports, awnings or over-hangs, these thin panels are both beautiful and functional — here, here!

Modern Moonshine, and Loll Designs

The classic chair — a staple for any outside seating, takes a playful turn with these lovely little seats from Modern Moonshine & Loll. Modern's dining chair is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Loll's modern Adirondacks are made from recycled plastic, a reimagined standard and slice of Americana.

ModFire Outdoor Traveling Fireplace


ModFire's colorful wood and propane burning fireplaces were a hit at the show! Their largest model even comes with a built-in area for the propane tank.

Spooning Armchair and Reversible Chairs

And finally, two engineering feats are feast for the eyes —

The Spooning chair collapses flat and comes in either plastic or wood/felt with a customizable vinyl seat. The Reversible though elegant in design, is made from three simple standard pipes and the cover attaches with velcro.