Before and After Remodels

Changing the Lives of Disabled Youth One Room at a Time

Meet Martha, the founder of a New York-based non profit organization called Blissful Bedrooms. Blissful bedrooms is a grassroots organization that takes remodeling to a whole new level of outreach—transforming bedrooms for the severely disabled young adult who by and large spend most of their time in their bedrooms.

The LOCZIdesign Virtual Remodel Experience

The LOCZIdesign Virtual Remodel Experience

When Chris came to LOCZIdesign, we sent him to Renee Naleppa, our Virtual Design specialist. His project was a dream come true for any interior designer — a brand new, blank slate. The recently purchased home was furnished with very little other than the bare necessities for this bachelor computer engineer. He had the basics, like a television, bean bag, fold-up chair and bed. But in his spacious San Francisco South Bay townhome, Chris wanted a place that was just as grown-up and warm as he.

The Kitchen Remodel Low-down

The Kitchen Remodel Low-down

Ahhh, the kitchen. Possibly one of the hardest places to remodel in your entire home. It comes with its challenges but when done right, can be a complete game changer for the way you live. Peppered in this remodel journal are some guiding tips we hope will inspire you to create the kitchen you desire, without the headache.

We had the privilege of working closely with our clients, who dreamt of free flowing space for their remodeled abode. Early on we established the kitchen as the power place of hearth and home. And we all know in most homes the kitchen coincidentally happens to be where the organic alchemy takes place, where guests gather in gang-like numbers, so why not ensure that it's an open and joyful place to gather?

Intimate Sustainability

Let's face it, it's your own little sanctuary---your bathroom. A place where you remove the impurities of the day, primp, hastily get ready for work, or have the occasional pep talk in front of your mirror. It may be decadent with a jacuzzi and three shower heads. Or windowless with nothing more than a narrow stand-in shower. Either way it's where you let go and bare it all to return to your natural state.

Why not make now the perfect time to let serenity, functionality, and sustainability encompass you in your private bath? Here at LOCZIdesign, we've explored some of our transformations and share with you some easy green tips for designing your dream latrine, or sprucing up the powder room you already have.

Clean clear spaces and lines

Much like in photography, lines can draw the eye in many directions, creating an optical illusion. In the transformation above, the shower wall was replaced with glass and the horizontal layout of natural tile from wall to wall visibly expands the narrowness of the room.

It's sometimes hard to put awkward stuff like blow-dryers and the dreadful bulk of toilet paper in its right place---especially with no under-the-sink cabinet space. An aesthetically pleasing and sustainable fix could be to install custom renewable cabinetry---the folks at Woodshanti really did it up for us in this remodel.

A stone's throw away

We're lucky enough here in the San Francisco Bay Area to have an array of craftsman who take pride in both their work and their sustainability practices. A growing number of professionals are using functional alternatives for tile, walls and stone. On the right, we used the Fireclay debris series tile, a local post-consumer recycled tile.  We love the multi- colored design that merges traditional with modern.

Below, Earth and Lime Plaster from American Clay was used in this guest bath to give it a clean resort-like feel.  Lime plaster is much like stucco, but it is a mortar that uses only pure Lime as a binder.  Using lime plaster is known to save approximately 80% of the CO2 release compared to ordinary stucco. Earth plaster is great too, it actually can purify the air and is also water resistant.  The counter-top is Paperstone,100% post consumer compressed paper, which is easy to refinish and sealed for wet- areas.

Reusing collectables

For those trinkets, the abalone or stone you bought while traveling and said for years you'd "make something out of it", we've got a solution for you. Incorporate those finds into your design!   We got really inspired by the beautiful antique Moroccan tiles collected by the lovely homeowner in the remodel to on the right and so we decided to set them into the floor tiling; the placement not only gives it pop, but a cyclical movement to the eye.

What a little green can do

I'm not referring to just the green color painted on the wall, though they do complete the room extremely well, don't you think? I'm talking about sustainable, VOC free and nontoxic paints. Simple ways to spruce up your walls and create a dynamic disposition in any room can be done by using nontoxic paint from companies and products like Ayurveda Essence, YOLO Colorhouse, Nautra (Benjamin Moore), and our new favorite, Mythic Paint.  You can Find these paints at your local hardware store or through a simple internet search to see which paint benefits your life and budget the best.


What a Difference a Remodel makes!

Good Lord, what a coat of paint, new counters and some tile can do to spruce up an existing space! Sometimes, it just takes some new furniture...Check out these recent trips into designReMIX & Remodels from LOCZIdesign! We sure love what we do, and hopefully, it shows!