A Viewer's Rorschach, with Audrey Jung : Felt Bags

Utilitarian, Bold-colored Style

Audrey ModernBixby Bag.png

Years of experimentation, and an accidental discovery as a purse-toting spectator at the 2008 American Craft Council show led to a career for designer Audrey Jung. The original bags were designed for one special client, Audrey herself.  As RuPaul would say, “if you can’t please yourself, how are you going to please someone else?” 

Colors include three shades of grey, rich browns, olive greens, azure blue and red reminiscent of Japanese maple leaves. Brilliant-colored zippers provide a visual pop to fuse fun with fashion. Each style comes in several sizes appropriate to many uses and ages. 

AudreyModern Sunset Sachel.png

When asked if her palate derives from nature, she admitted they also hide dirt. Imminent practicality drove the choice of material as well.  Industrial felt, unlike prototypes in canvas or upholstery, can be cut into clean lines and can take as much punishment as the wearer.

AudreyModern Bailey Bag

A trip to Japan where children sport square book bags, inspired her signature design, the City Backpack. The geometry of other bags evokes origami and modern architecture. Simple, sleek, close to the body fit lends gender-neutral appeal.  Timeless style and ultimate utility, one woman’s needs have met the needs of the many.

City Back Pack (2017 version) by AudreyModern. 

Photography courtesy of Couture Lane.

Holiday shows : 

Asian Art Museum San Francisco, Holiday Artisan Market, November 29, 2017  9 a.m. to  8 p.m.  (first hour members only)