Art, Gallery Walls and an Optical Illusion

We were so inspired to hear about the new expansion plans for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, that we decided to use it as a jumping point for this week's entry. The expansion, which is planned to connect the rear of the museum from Minna to Howard street, will break ground in 2013 and open to the public in early 2016. Through this addition, SFMOMA intends to reach out and enrich the surrounding SOMA community, k-12 students, and the outside world.

DIY Gallery Wall Ideas

It's quite easy to present a gallery-like wall in your abode. Whether it's above your bed, seating area, or wherever extra wall space is present, it all begins with how to scale your art on walls. West elm, Flax Art & Design, and Aspect Custom Framing and Gallery have an awesome collection of frames and services. Here are a few DIY tips for creating your in-home gallery, stress free:

Start by finding the the anchor---usually your biggest piece of artwork. Create, with painter's tape, a center line. Hang up your anchor piece wherever you'd like, balancing the other pieces on each side of your center line. Just be sure to pay special attention to the spaces between each frame, keeping the spacing somewhat uniformed.


You can also hang your artwork more randomly to achieve its own sense of uniformity. This works easiest by drawing a box or template on your wall, using it as a guide for your layout. Then hang your frames everywhere and anywhere within the box you created.

The most classic, and understated approach, is the in-line layout. It doesn't matter whether these are black and white photographs, or oil-based paintings---it's okay to mix and match. Once again, stick within the center-line. The form itself gives each piece of artwork a chance to show off.

Optical Illusions

You might have noticed that in most San Francisco dwellings, hallways are usually the main entrance of a home. They lead the guest first through the hallway, then to the other rooms. Why not make this more than a place for your keys, shoes and a doormat? Showcase the artwork that defines you and your home in your main entryway. Picture railings (the molding between the ceiling and the doorframe of on your wall), are the perfect lines to use as a midpoint for your wall hangings.

To make more of an affect, or if you're worried that your hallway might appear too short or narrow for a mini gallery, try this optical illusion trick Paige borrowed from a bathroom shoot: in the before image to the right, she took all the colors from each room in the house and painted a strip of each color from the picture railing to the ceiling. She also created a gallery space for several framed art pieces to complete the look in the after image below. The space appears larger, and unified!

Placement Of Your Favorite Artwork

Artwork carries a tremendous amount of clout when designing a space! It is often the anchor that holds together the color story, mood, and layout to a room or an entire flat. Below is a perfect example: Paige designed this entire room from the oil paintings hanging above and to the right of the master bed.

Whether your displaying gallery worthy pieces, complimenting your art with wall color, or creating a grand entrance, design can fill your life with the splendor. We'd love to see some of the ways you've created in-home gallery spaces! Send us your wall photos and mounting ideas in our comment box below or here: