A Feature With Painter Gus Harper

“I think how we view the world impacts everything around us. My goal is to share the spectacular in the everyday. The simple, direct approach often tells a profound story.”

Augustus Harper hailed from the beautiful Santa Monica, California. He has exhibited his work at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) as well as in Marina del Rey, Calif.; New York City, Denver, New Orleans, Mexico City, and Puerto Vallarta. Harper’s work can also be seen on the sets of “Dexter”, “Modern Family”, “Up All Night”, “New Girl”, “CSI Las Vegas”, and “Dallas”. He

maintains a studio in Culver City, California. I was lucky enough to ask Gus a few questions about his process in light of his upcoming exhibition at the new

LOCZIdesign studio titled, Fade To White.

Q. About how long does to it take to prepare for an out-of-town exhibition?

"For this show, 41 years."

Q How are you feeling now?

"I'm excited about the show. I think the LOCZIdesign crew, especially Mike Ufferman, have really helped me achieve the ethereal look I was aiming for. And this is my first time showing in San Francisco, so I am looking forward to the feedback."

Q. What about your method do you find the most rewarding?

"I have a lot of fun while I create. Someone asked Hemingway if he enjoyed writing and he replied that he enjoyed "having written". Reading that made me ask myself if I only found joy in the finished product, or did I enjoy the process. I realized, I really do have a good time in my studio. Sure, there are struggles and hurdles, but that only makes the victory all the more rewarding."

Q. What is the most important thing you’ve learned from being an artist?

"Cleaning brushes is overrated."

Q. Are there any challenges that you've recently overcome?

"Alexander's Dream [which will be revealed at the Fade To White exhibit] was a challenge. I had the materials for a month, just had to figure out what best to do with


Q. Tell me more about your intention with Fade to White.

"There are a lot of thoughts that went into this show. The simple fact is that I always wanted to make big white paintings. Most of my stuff is so vibrant. Unlike my normally vibrant colored work, these pieces are subdued in color and

intended as serene. I've always been moved by numerous white marble figurative statues and I wanted my figures to have a sculpted look. The faces in this series are inspired by Michelangelo's Slaves (just as those figures are embedded in giant chunks of marble, these faces quietly fade into the background of the canvases) and Moai statues of Easter Island (thus the carved, sometimes primitive looking images in some of these pieces).

The paintings touch on themes ranging from primal man to ethereal bliss, and are ultimately a celebration of the human condition."

To see Gus Harper and his work in person, join us at LOCZIdeisgn studio's opening reception Thursday evening (October 24th) from 7:00 - 11:00 p.m., as we open our doors for a sneak peek of the latest art, furniture and antiques. The ethereal Fade To White collection will be on display for one month.