5 More Ways to Enjoy the Summer

The summer solstice, which falls on June 21, marks the onset of summer and is the longest day of the year. It is celebrated as Tiregān in Iran, Kupala Night in Ukraine and in San Francisco you can even sip California wines, nibble local cheeses, and troll through the 100-year old Redwood grove on a guided tour in observance.

As interior designers we also see it as a time to enjoy the season with friends and family, while encouraging our community to make the most of their outdoor dwellings through gardening or updated exterior spaced. This week, we are highlighting just a few innovative and functional pieces to make any solstice gathering more joyful—and aesthetically pleasing! (wink)

Grilling has never looked so classy and it seems appropriate to start with one of the most necessary outdoor accessories of the summer. The Druida Grill by Mermeladaestudio is of stainless-steel, with geometric designs that can create a far more interesting pattern on your grilled bites. What's more, its sleek and modern design will look great wherever you place it.

There something very joyful about lounging in a place you’ve created as your own sanctuary—no matter how small or grandeur. The FEDRO Floor Rocker, by Lorenza Bozzoli for DEDON is perfect in any setting. You can take it virtually anywhere and its low-pro and stackable design makes it even more of a gem.

Right in our backyard, San Francisco designer Aaron Jones started building prototypes for the Hearth Lounge. It is a locally sourced concrete lounge that heats up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit—perfect for the chillier Summer nights in the Bay. The lounge uses just as much energy as a hair dryer and is said to be more efficient than the traditional methods of heating the air around you. If you're not convinced, there's one at Flora Grubb Gardens worth checking out.

The traditional Acapulco Chair has become more relevant in recent years though never really going out of style. Its design and identity has allowed for various reincarnations and playful interpretations. A company named Innit Designs actually seated an entire Mexican cinema with these iconic beauties and artist Pedro Reyes created the sweeping love chair for two (above) in spirit of those Acapulco Chairs. It continues to be a versatile, colorful, and innovative piece to place either in or outdoors, adding charm and whimsy to your decor.

We noticed these flux chairs on Pinterest last fall and every since have been very intrigued by their design. One paper artists and one entrepreneur in Holland came up with a concept to create a one piece foldable design chair. They have since evolved into building stools, tables and other accessories using the same concept and sleek design. We think these fold-up chairs are a perfectly chick, modern and fun way to spice up any picnic or gathering with your favorite people.

Whether it's a traditional celebration, or a spontaneous gathering, we wish you a fruitful summer solstice— enjoy!